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Ours Cake Studio

Ours Cake Studio is an online boutique cake shop created by a lovely couple, Adam & Shannon.

We are a small business with passion and enthusiasm for creating unique, elegant and handcrafted cakes. We love incorporating Asian flavors in our cakes and using seasonal fruits. We try to use fresh cream instead of buttercream to give the cakes a beautiful level of sweetness so that the cakes are ‘just-right sweet’ rather than ‘crazy sweet’ all the time.

We’d like to share our delicate Mille Crepe cakes and Chiffon cakes with everyone. We do both wholesale and retail in Wellington and we focus on small-batch baking and handcrafted cakes to ensure that you always get a fresh cake to enjoy.

/ˈaʊəz/ pron.
The one or ones that belong to us.
It’s an exciting journey for us to have this lovely online shop as ‘Ours’

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